Development Review Rubric


This tool is designed to assess the degree to which development projects adhere to Master Plan Goals( which are based on the Greater Hill District Development principles).

As you review each project, please rate the degree to which the project aligns with master plan goals. Projects can be rated from 1-5.


1 - Unacceptable                     

Project Reflects No Adherence to Master Plan Goals

2 - Insufficient Compliance    

Project Reflects Limited Adherence to Master Plan Goals

3 - Emerging Compliance

Project Reflects Some Adherence to Master Plan Goals

4 - Compliance

Projects Reflects a Consistent Adherence to Master Plan Goals

5 - Advanced Compliance

Project Reflects an Outstanding Adherence to Master Plan Goals

NA - Not Applicable

These criteria are not applicable to the project

Build Upon the African American Cultural Legacy

Does it comply with Cultural Legacy goals?



1   2   3   4    5


• Honors the historic and cultural legacy of African Americans in

the Hill District with emphasis on the Lower Hill




• Includes ‘right of return’ preferences for displaced individuals,

families, organizations and businesses


• Use existing neighborhood resources first in revitalization


• Advances existing and create new relationships to move the Hill

District forward


• Ensures that Hill District residents are empowered in planning

for the community revitalization


Family Friendly Housing Development without Displacement

Does it Comply with Family/Anti-displacement goals?


1   2   3   4    5


Includes an appropriate level of family housing including rental and for sale units affordable to various income levels in order to prevent displacement.



• Establishes a target housing mix for new projects including appropriate levels of family-friendly housing


• Provides quality rental and ownership housing opportunities for a broad range of family sizes and incomes


• Uses housing development as a catalyst for economic and

community development


• Prevents displacement of existing residents and businesses


• Includes play spaces in close proximity to housing developments


• Considers the impact of new developments on children and population density for local schools







Economic Empowerment and Commercial Development






Does it Comply with Economic Empowerment goals?








1   2   3   4    5


Community residents, organizations and businesses will gain social and economic benefit from the  effort



• Supports economic activity that directly benefits Hill District residents and existing businesses


• Ensures jobs for community members, the retention of current businesses, new opportunities for entrepreneurship and equity stakes for Hill District organizations


• Restores commercial vibrancy and strength by concentrating market demand and resources to:


• Renews Centre Avenue as a great “main street”


• Redevelop the Lower Hill as a mixed-use neighborhood


• Leverages Uptown’s proximity to Oakland and Downtown


• Encourages live-work and at-home innovation projects




Make the Hill District a Green and Well-Designed Community



Does it comply with Green and Well Designed goals?





1   2   3   4    5


• Creates a comprehensive strategy for vacant land including

urban gardening



• Leverages the Hill District’s natural features as an economic

asset for neighborhood development


• Uses Hill District trails as green connections with a larger city network


• Establishes high-quality recreation and open spaces


Mobility, Transportation, and Parking

Does it comply with mobility and transportation goals?



1   2   3   4    5


Ensures viable and affordable transportation access to all members of the community.



• Improves transportation networks and services to the city and

within the Hill District


• Promotes walkability, street accessibility for the disabled, and access to work, retail and social amenities


• Creates a well-planned parking strategy that supports new development while minimizing negative impacts on residents



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