Block Leader Initiative

 Building Community, One Block at a Time 

"What is a Block Leader?" 

When neighbors know each other and work together in times of need. Block Leaders take extra steps to connect neighbors and build community -- making our neighborhoods safer, more harmonious places to live.

 The Hill District Consensus Group Block Leader program teaches residents how to meet neighbors and how to organize activities so that neighbors can more easily communicate. Block Leaders also encourage other residents to join the Consensus Group.  Block Leaders are vital links between City Services and the neighborhoods -- And leaders gain the inside track on neighborhood development and activities. If you would like to become a part of this community network that cares, contact us.  We encourage residents to plan goals for your small footprint in the community. The outcome will be a better Hill District overall in which to raise children and live safely. 

"How do I get involved?"

The Mission of the Hill District Consensus Group is to work together through the differences and with the commonalities, to establish and enforce standards and processes in all aspects of community life: economic, political, spiritual, and social, for the ongoing health and prosperity of the community.

 Simply put... we understand and respect that not all neighbors will agree on all issues, but we can all agree that we want to live in a beautiful and safe environment.  We want to provide technical assistance to small resident groups to help achieve that environment one block at a time.  Although there is no one way to organize a neighborhood, block leaders typically begin by collecting their neighbors contact information for activity planning and then plan one or more Community Improvement Project(s), such as a lot Clean Up, flower planting, holiday themed community activity.  

"How can the Consensus Group support new Block Leaders?"     

  • Coordinate training sessions and acquaints new leaders with experienced block leaders.    
  • Block Leader binder that contains advice and tips on how to build a block club
  • Offer assistance in applying for grants and coordinating block club projects    
  • Conduct outreach and office resources such as making flyers and photocopies.    
  • Connect Block Leaders to existing resources and public service organizations.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How much time must I commit as a block leader?
A: The Consensus Group will help coordinate block leader meetings twice a year for program updates, communication and safety training, and to reconnect and exchange neighborhood organization tips with peers. 

Q: How many houses do block leaders organize?
A: On average, block leaders communicate with 20 to 30 neighbors depending on their time and street layout. Some leaders are in touch with as few as five homes (such as those in a cul-du-sac); while others coordinate up to 90 homes.

Q: Can I partner with others?
A: The Consensus Group encourages co-leaders and partnerships. 

Q: How can I learn more?
A: To find out more about new leader training and resources available to Hill residents interested in becoming leaders, call 412-697-4686 or e-mail

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